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Hiroshima-Tag 2016

Wilfried  Graf

Liebe Friedensfreunde, liebe Friedensfreundinnen!

Wir sind bin in Gedanken bei Euch am Stephansplatz und senden Euch solidarische Friedensgrüße.

Wir senden euch einen Beitrag von Jan Oberg vom Vorjahr, der leider heute genauso aktuell ist.

Wilfried Graf und Gudrun Kramer

Look at nuclear weapons in new ways...
By Jan Oberg

It´s absolutely necessary to remember what happened 70 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, see the movies from then, listen to the survivors, the hibakusa.

But it isn´t enough for us to rid the world of these crimes-against-humanity weapons. And that we must.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki is history and it is also the essence of the age you and I live in – the Nuclear Age.

If the hypothesis is that by showing these films, we create opinion against nuclear weapons, 70 years of ever more nuclearism should be enough to conclude that that hypothesis is plain wrong.

There is a need for a new debate about nuclear weapons and for a frontal attack on not only the weapons but on the nuclearism – the thinking/ideology on which they are based and made to look ´necessary´ for security and peace.

Why are nuclear weapons connected with terrorism?
What does nuclear weapons have to do with democracy?
Why is possession of nukes the cause of proliferation?
Is deterrence working?
What´s the ethics around nuclear weapons?
Do nuclear weapons keep the peace?
Is freedom compatible with nuclear weapons?
Why have nuclear weapons already caused a series of conventional wars?
And why are some countries already on the right track and the far majority against nuclear weapons and nuclear war?
Where is the hope out of the Nuclear Age?

Get the answers here and share the debate...

Wilfried Graf
Gudrun Kramer

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