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Yuko  Gulda

Was für eine Welt !

In welcher Welt leben wir jetzt ?

Die Globalisierung hat auch Nachteile.
Was sind die Nachteile der Globalisierung und warum sind es Nachteile?

Die Globalisierung erfasst nur eine gewisse Oberfläche, egal um welches Gebiet es sich handelt.

Hass, Unzufriedenheit und Frust steigen, wenn man die nicht ausbalancierten Punkte durch die Globalisierung vor Augen hat.

Die Geschichte wiederholt sich immer wieder – Machtkampf, unendliche Gier,

in vielen Ländern der Erde gibt es zu viel „demokratisch“ gewählte Diktatoren.

Die Ironie der Sache ist auf der einen Seite Flüchtling helfen aber gleichzeitig Waffen verkaufen.

Die heutige Situation wir leben ist fast wie im Weltkrieg.

Hohe Technologie ist faszinierend aber nur wenn man auf richtige Stelle und im richtigen Moment einsetzen.

Hochmütige Menschen müssen wieder BACK TO NATURE!

Ansprache GENBAKU NO HI :

Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen

Today I´m not going to speak about against the nuclear or all other weapons,
which I have done every time since many years.
It is obvious what GENBAKU NO HI means.

„Be aware of the continuous danger in the world where we live today and future“

Yes, near futur, I´d like to emphasize to young generations that now is the time
to get up and protest, because it is YOUR WORLD.

But let me tell you my thought about recent situation.
What a world!

In what world do we now live?

Globalization also has disadvantages. What are the disadvantages of globalization, and why are they disadvantages?

Globalization covers only a certain surface, no matter what area is concerned.

Hatred, unhappiness and frustration arise when the mind is through the not balanced view of globalization.

History repeats itself again and again - the power struggle, endless greed.

In many countries of the world there are too many "democratically" elected dictators.

The irony of the matter is helping refugees but at the same time selling weapons.

The present situation in which we live is almost like a World War.

High technology is fascinating but only if you are running at right place and at the right moment.

Proud people must go BACK TO NATURE!

That´s my nowadays thought.

The year 2010 I did a tea ceremony demonstration.
After that, people have asked for a replay.

Tea ceremony is a symbol of peace.
During the war period in historical japan, samurai carried their swords with them at all times - even in to the bedroom.
However, when they visited a teahouse. they had to leave their swords outside.

In other words, teaceremony is not only the culture for aesthetic, harmony with nature,
hospitality in manners and calm atmosphere.

My performance in 2010 was a traditional old - style tea ceremony.
Today, however we have the opportunity to do this in a traditional style but with modern touches.

For example,in 1868,the Meiji era began and national isolation ended after nearly 300 years .
That meant people had to adapt to using chairs rather than sitting on tatami floors.

The new way of sitting, it affected on tea ceremony too.

I am sure you will enjoy it.
You can also have a cup of tea if you like.

Thank you, and once again PLEASE BE AWARE ! that we live in a DANGEROUS WORLD.
It is up to each of us to change it.

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