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Hiroshima-Day in Vienna

John  Dear

Dear Peacemaking Friends in Vienna,

Thank you once again for gathering to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and for gathering statements of solidarity from around the world. While you are gathering in Vienna, we will be gathering in Ashley Pond, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA, right on the spot where the Hiroshima Bomb was built. It is now a beautiful park with a pond. Once again, we too will commit ourselves to nonviolence, walk through town toward the Labs where every U.S. nuclear weapon has been built, and then sit down for thirty minutes in silence, sackcloth and ashes, to "repent of the mortal sin of nuclear weapons and war and beg God for the undeserved gift of the abolition of nuclear weapons and war itself." We will gather back at the park and share reflections about the hopeful movement at the United Nations for the banning of all nuclear weapons.

The world is in grave danger, especially with the insanity of Donald Trump and the U.S. commitment to permanent warfare, nuclear warfare, and global domination, but we have the weapon of nonviolence and people power at our disposal, and if we organize, remain nonviolent, take to the streets, and keep at at, we will win: one day, nuclear weapons will be abolished from the face of the earth, and we will all embrace active nonviolence as the way forward.

The God of peace is with us. We are called to love one another, love our enemies, put down the nuclear sword and become who we were created to be peacemakers, the beloved sons and daughters of the God of peace.

Thank you very much for your peace vigil and lifelong stand for nuclear disarmament. More power to you! God bless you, carry on!

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