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Hiroshima Day in Vienna

Noam  Chomsky

For 70 years, ever since the horrifying crimes in Hiroshima, humans have lived under the shadow of terminal destruction, an unbearable situation that cannot be allowed to persist. Those familiar with the shocking record will be aware that it is a near miracle that we have survived this long. Repeatedly, catastrophe has been very close, often because of accidents, sometimes reckless acts of leaders. More ominously still, the existential threats are once again mounting, with development of new and still more threatening weapons programs and dangerous tensions, particularly on the Russian border. Unless the scourge of nuclear weapons is removed from the earth, and soon, there will be nothing left to discuss.

Most of the world is pleading for sanity. We know how to proceed. In all of human history there has been no comparable challenge. The opportunity to save ourselves cannot be permitted to slip from our hands.

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