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Hiroshima Day in Vienna

Father John  Dear

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking a strong public stand for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

Many millions of us here in the US join you in commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki and calling for nuclear disarmament.

On August 4th, many of us will gather for our annual peace vigil in Los Alamos, New Mexico, outside the nuclear laboratories, and repent of the mortal sin of nuclear weapons and call for nuclear disarmament and the closing of the notorious Los Alamos Labs. Many other vigils will take place across the USA
Together, we are one voice for peace and the abolition of nuclear weapons.

We have no choice but to keep organizing, keep vigiling, keep speaking out, keep praying and keep doing what we can for nuclear disarmament for the sake of humanity and Mother Earth. If we continue, against all odds, one day nuclear weapons will be abolished.

This is a fact. It will happen, if we maintain our faith and keep organizing, come what may.
At a deeper level, we are talking about pursuing a new world of nonviolence, where every human being is trained in the methodology of nonviolent conflict resolution, so that we all learn how to practice nonviolence. Indeed, we are talking about turning back to the God of peace, renouncing our insane violence, and reclaiming our nonviolent humanity.

This is the greatest thing we can do with our lives.
Thank you for your strong stand.
Please continue.
Until then,
God bless you,
Father John Dear

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